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Welcome to RELIANT, the Reliant website that is called just that ( and is the official web site for the Reliant Motor Club.  The RMC is a club for Reliant enthusiasts that offers members not only the usual benefits of club memberships but also access to the largest on-line Reliant archive in the world. Each year, members also receive 4 newsletters and 2 information packed magazines delivered straight into their e-mail Inbox so that they can be enjoyed across multiple electronic platforms and on the go.The RMC was founded in June 2016 by Elvis Payne and Mark Cropper whose combined personal Reliant archives contain over 2,500 items including photographs, plans, brochures, factory documents, press releases, Reliant newspapers, handbooks and much more.  The archives mainly consist of paper based items although they do also include a few rare items such as Reliant Founder Tom Williams’ personal set of wood chisels and the original bronze Reliant sign from the old Reliant building in Tamworh, Staffs.

Last Updated 21st Sept 2019

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The on-line Reliant Motor Club Archives

Reliant Brochure catalog

Reliant Brochure Catalog

An ongoing resource to build up a catalog (and indeed collection) of every Reliant brochure issued for all models from 1935 - 2002. The RMC Reliant brochure catalog is the largest on-line collection of Reliant brochures.

Number of brochures currently listed: 347

Total brochures available to open 287

Reliant Review catalog

Reliant Review

From 1963 to 1977 Reliant issued its own newspaper which offers an invaluable insight into Reliant during those years. The name was then revived in 1997 - 1998 for an internal newsletter. For the first time every copy is now available on-line.

All 96 copies available to read.

Reliant Owners Handbook catalog

Reliant Handbook Catalog

An ongoing collection to build up a catalog of every handbook that was issued by Reliant with their vehicles.  Handbooks will continue to be added as they become available and get scanned.

Number of handbooks currently listed: 45

Total handbooks available to open 32

RMC Reliant Document Library

RMC Reliant Document Library

An ongoing collection to build up a Library of miscellaneous Reliant documents from all areas of Reliant (Employees, Dealers and Customers) that includes Press Releases, Notices, Letters, Building Plans and News items etc.


Total documents available to open 141

Reliant Price List catalog

Reliant Price List

An ongoing collection to build up a catalog of as many Price List as we can that were issued by Reliant for all of its models. Price List will continue to be added as they become available and get scanned.


Total price lists available to open 63

Reliant Magazine Articles Library

Reliant Magazine Articles

The RMC has sought permission to bring you this collection of Reliant related articles from various magazines over the years. Articles will continue to be added as they become available.


Total articles to open 36

Reliant Motor Club Magazines & Newsletters

Reliantn Motor Club magazines & newsletters

View past and present club magazines and newsletters issued by the RMC. The RMC issues 2 magazines a year and 4 newsletters a year.

RMC Magazines to open:  6

RMC Newsletters to open: 13

Reliant Photograph Archive

Reliant Photograph Archive

A small selection of just some of the hundreds of period photographs from the Reliant Motor Club Archives.

Total archive photos to view: 76

View our latest newsletter; the Reliant Motor Club Newsletter

No 14 - Sept 2019 Now Available

View our latest magazine; the Reliant Motor Club Review

No 6 - June 2019 Now Available

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RMC Members enjoy discounts at Fertan Products (15% off), Northern Radiators Ltd (10% off), Big Dug Ltd (10% off), classicline insurance (10% off),James Mann (£4 off How to photograph cars book), Car Wash Co (10% off),  Rajah Ayurveda, India (20% off). Click for full details of discounts available as a RMC member.

News: Reliant Scimitar Beer

As part the Reliant Scimitar GTE’s 50th Anniversary in October 2018, the Reliant Motor Club teamed with with Tamworth Brewring Co. to unveil a new celebratory beer called Scimitar.  Brewed onsite in Tamworth, Scimitar was a one off ale created by George Greenaway, The RMC were at the launch to both celebrate the Scimitar’s anniversary and indeed to taste the new ale.

More Information

Reliant Scimitar Beer

News: Reliant Blue Plaque unveiled

Ever since the Reliant Motor Club joned the Tamworth Heritage Trust in 2016, we have been working towards a blue plaque to be placed on the former home (named Bro-Dawel) of Reliant’s co-founder T.L.Williams in Tamworth. This was achieved in July 2017 when the RMC and THT were delighted to unveil a Reliant blue plaque at Bro-Dawel.

More Information

Reliant blue plaque

News: New Reliant books published

The Reliant Scimitar by Elvis Payne

The Reliant Scimitar

by Elvis Payne

Foreword by HRH The Princess Royal

The Reliant Scimitar is a follow up to Elvis Payne’s previous book on the Reliant Motor

Company and looks into the history of the Reliant sports car in greater depth. Reliant’s co-founder, Tom Williams, had no interest whatsoever in developing 4-wheeled cars.  He believed orders for their 3-wheeler were more than sufficient. It was the need for a competitive 4-wheeler in Israel that set Reliant off onto 4-wheelers leading to the Sabra sports car. This in turn lead to the Sabre in the UK and then the infamous Scimitar sports cars that followed. Read More

The Reliant Motor Company by Elvis Payne

The Reliant Motor Company

 by Elvis Payne

Foreword by HRH The Princess Royal

The Reliant Motor Company is the first book on Reliant to cover Reliant’s complete history

covered specific areas whereas this book covers all Reliant models, the three-wheelers, the economy four-wheelers, the sports cars, the export models, prototypes and other projects. It also quashes some of the myths that have arisen, especially over the last 10 years or so, in which the history of Reliant has been skewed as some are taken to be actual facts. Read More

HRH The Princess Royal

We are delighted that Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal is an Honorary Member of the Reliant Motor Club.  The Princess sends her best wishes to all within the club.  Her Royal Highness has owned a number of Reliants including Scimitars, Robins and Kittens and still owns a 1989 Middlebridge Scimitar.

HRH The Princess Royal

View celebrity and Royal Reliant owners in our gallery

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Tamworth and District Civic Society

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
Tamworth Heritage Trust
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Staffs Past Track

The Tamworth and District Civic Society

The RMC is proud to support The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

The RMC is proud to be working with Staffordshire County Council's Archives & Heritage Service

The RMC is proud to be working with the Tamworth and District Civic Society

The RMC is proud to be a member of the Tamworth Heritage Trust.

The RMC is on DriveTribe with the Reliant Tribe. Come and join our tribe.

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