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No 1 December 2016

Reliant Motor Club Magazine Edition 1

  • Interview - Pat Afford (Reliant co-founder, E.S Thompson’s daughter)
  • Interview - Jack Timbury (Ex-Reliant apprentice 1937 - 1938)
  • Interview - Microsoft on Supervan III in Forza Horizon 3 game
  • Interview - Trident Motors Inc. USA (Former Reliant customer)
  • Members Stories - Daniel Clift (UK) / Regal 3/25 van, Supervan III
  • Members Stories - Tony Heath (UK) / Sabra Prototype, Sabre Six
  • Members Stories - Barry Sweetman (Australia) / Metrocab
  • Members Stories - Nathan Sandler (Isreal) / Carmel 1200
  • Members Stories - Andrew Stowe, The Robin, the Robot and the Rain
  • Archive Spotlight - 1962 letter about the first Sabra to complete a race.
  • Archive Photo Spotlight - From buses to vans.
  • Celebrity Owners - We speak to Ken Dodd, William Roach & Noel Edmonds
  • Competition
  • Introduction to the RMC
  • Meet the RMC Team
  • On the bookshelf
  • Along with regular features: New Members, Reliant 50 years ago, Myth or Fact (Did Comedy programs kill Reliant),  Members Discounts,  Out and About, Founder’s tete-a-tete, President’s Welcome, Editorial, Media Request.

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Edition 1 will be available as a sample edition to non members upon the release of edition 3 in December 2017.




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