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The Reliant Motor Company by Elvis Payne

Foreword by HRH The Princess Royal

The Reliant Motor Company by Elvis Payne

Recently released and widely available, The Reliant Motor Company is the first book on Reliant to cover Reliant’s complete history in a single volume.. Past books on Reliant have just covered specific areas whereas this book covers all Reliant models, the three-wheelers, the economy four-wheelers, the sports cars, the export models, prototypes and other projects. It also quashes some of the myths that have arisen, especially over the last 10 years or so, in which the history of Reliant has been skewed as some are taken to be actual facts.

Research for the book has gone back to the basics investigating new sources along with the assistance of dedicated Reliant enthusiast and numerous ex-Reliant employees and directors.  The latter includes Barrie Wills, Ed Osmond, Jonathan Heynes, Kevin Leech and Stewart Halstead.  Along with Reliant directors are Tom Karen and Peter Stevens from Ogle Design Ltd, Les Collier from B&N Plastics and Mike Hyatt from IAD. In addition, E.S Thompson’s (co-founder of Reliant) daughter, Pat Afford, and Ray Wiggin’s (Managing Director) daughter, Ruth Kitchen, have also provided information. This along with archived material from the Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club, the Reliant Owners Club and the author’s own archives.

A foreword for the book is provided by HRH The Princess Royal.


The book covers numerous subjects and not just the vehicles Reliant produced including:

  • Events from the war years .
  • Reliant’s first strike in the 1950s
  • Bond Takeover
  • Ray Wiggin’s last day
  • Events that took place during the Nash takeover in 1977
  • The SAAB and Scimitar GTE connection
  • Reliant’s connections with the Delorean Motor Company
  • Plans in 1989 which included ceasing all development of future vehicles.
  • The Metrocab protest in 1991.

These are just some of the other things that the book also covers:

  • Reliant 7cwt Reliant 10cwt (J.A.P. powered)
  • Reliant 8cwt / 12cwt (Austin powered)
  • Reliant 6cwt /8cwt / 12cwt (Reliant powered)
  • Regent / Regent Mk II
  • Prince Regent
  • Davis Divan
  • Regal - Regal Mk VI-A
  • Regent Four
  • Sussita
  • Carmel
  • Sabra Sport
  • Sabre / Sabre Six
  • Regal 3/25  /Regal 3/30
  • 7 & 10cwt Pick-up
  • Scimitar GT
  • Triplex GTS
  • Rebel
  • FW5 /Anadol
  • Cab & Crew Cab (Ford & Chrysler cabs)
  • Scooter Ski
  • TW9 /Ant
  • FW7
  • Rogue
  • Bond Bug
  • Scimitar GTE
  • FW9
  • Robin 750 - Robin 850 (Mk I) /Robin (Mk II) /Robin (Mk III)
  • Super Helicak
  • Kitten / Kitten Mk II
  • Dolphin
  • BRM Engine Project
  • FW11 /SE7
  • Reliant Industrial Mouldings Ltd.
  • Rialto /Rialto 2
  • Scimitar GTC
  • Project SE82
  • Fox
  • Cipher
  • Scimitar SS1 /SS2 /SST
  • Lucas Hybrid
  • Ford RS200
  • Metrocab
  • PR2 Prototype (MGF Concept car)
  • Beans Industries Ltd.
  • Sabre /Scimitar Sabre
  • Project R931
    Avonex Group Ltd.
  • 850 Pick-up
  • Sir Clive Sinclair /Electric Robin
  • Sprint
  • Reliant Cars Ltd. ((Jonathan Heynes era)
  • Giant Pick-Up
  • Chassis Cab
  • RFW9
  • Piaggio /Ligier /San Motors
  • Two Gates sites, South Side, North Side, Park Place
  • Shenstone site
  • Kettlebrook site
  • Burntwood site
  • Cannock site
  • B&N Plastics Ltd.
  • Robin BN-1 / BN-2
  • Reliant PartsWorld Ltd.
  • Reliant Production Figures
  • Reliant Powered
    • Examples of Reliant powered products like the Angus Fire Pump
  • Reliant Derivatives
    • Examples of Reliant based vehicles like the Tempest

Provisional Details:

  • Publisher: Crecy Publishing
  • Launch date: 20th May 2016
  • ISBN-10: 1908347368
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908347367
  • Book size: 26cm  x 26 cm
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Pages: 160
  • Contains over 250 Photographs
  • Price 18.95

Books can be purchased direct from Crecy Publishing, via Amazon along with other major on-line book stores.


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