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Reliant Motor Company - Website Terms and Conditions

The Small Print - It is assumed before using /  the following small print has been read.

This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 in 16 bit colour or more and is best used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above or an equivalent browser.

Photographs:  The photographs within this site have come from the Reliant archives.  If you own a copyright to any image shown and wished it to be sourced or removed please e-mail us.

Submitted Photographs: Please note that from time to time I am asked by the media if they can use photographs from this site.  By submitting material  to this site it is assumed that you have read this small print and that you are also agreeing that the material may be used else where if requested.  In all circumstances I shall ask that any photos used be sourced to you (the original owner).  If you prefer that your photos are not used in any way apart from this site please tell me when you submit them. If your photos are used else where you will always be informed about it and full details will be given.  If you have data / images on this site that you wish to be removed please e-mail me.

Information: The Information contained in these pages has come from many different sources including books, magazines, advertisements, sales brochures, web sites, manufactures and plain old conversation. We have tried to make sure that any information given is as accurate as  possible but can not guarantee it to be so.  If you know of any data to be incorrect please e-mail us.

Copyright (c) 2016  Reliant Motor Club.  All Rights Reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced or duplicated in any form what so ever without prior permission from the webmaster.   All Images with the text are part of the club’s collection and may be used on condition this text is not removed and the images are sourced to this web site. 

Any comments made within this site are mine unless specified otherwise and not those of the Manufacturers that are listed.  This is a nonprofit site and is not connected with any manufacturer in any way. Any technical help or advice offered through this site should be used at your discretion. All pages and downloads are checked for electronic viruses and errors before uploading and so downloading any pages / downloads to your hard drive is at your own risk.  We accept no responsibility for any loss of  time / data / software / hardware or any other misfortune whatsoever that may occur as a result of using this web site or any of the downloads contained within it.


No guarantees are made on the availability of in the unlikely event that the site is off line or unavailable. The site will be available to all as and when it is online.  The Reliant Motor Club reserves the right to take the web site off-line without notice should the need arise, however notification will be issued ahead of any web site maintenance that may be required.. Likewise whilst every effort is made to answer all e-mails received no guarantees are made that they will be answered or have been received.

Updates will be updated at intervals determined by the Reliant Motor Club and so no guarantees are placed that they will happen regularly.


This web site currently uses the following domain names that all point towards it:



Security or personal details is of great importance to the Reliant Motor Club and, as detailed in our GDPR policy, no personal details of its members will be sold or shared in anyway. Likewise, no data or photographs provided to the Reliant Motor Club will be sold or used for commercial gain and user’s e-mail addresses will not be used for any kind of advertising.

Occasionally we may receive e-mails from people asking for e-mail addresses of owners who have images of their vehicles displayed on this web site. E-mail addresses are never released to people who request them.  Instead we will send the request to the person whose e-mail address is being sought after and it is then up to that person to contact the requester with their address.

In the event of a Media request for certain photos, depending on the source photos will be released to the media and you will then be notified with the details.  Should the Media wish to contact you then as above I will email the request to you so that you may deal with them directly.  No e-mail addresses are ever released without prior permission.



If you belong to the Media or you are an Author searching this web site for information we hope you find what you need but please read the following:

The data contain within my site is covered by copyright and all images that display the text  are from the Reliant Motor Club archive and may also be covered by additional copyright.  All other images shown may be covered by their own copyrights of their respective owners.

You are welcome to use information from my site but please source where it came from and let us know that it has been used.    Should you wish to acknowledge any material on this web site the please acknowledge as:

Reliant Motor Club:

Please let us know if the website is detailed in the media as we would happily mention it on this web site.

Should you require any further information, high resolution photographs or have any questions please contact us.

Thank you.

Reliant Motor Club 2016 (Updated Feb 2018)

The Reliant Motor Club

“The Club for Owners and Enthusiasts of Britain’s finest specialist car manufacturer”

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Website Terms and Conditions