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RMC Heritage Certificates

We are now delighted to offer for the first time anywhere, Heritage Certificates for the Reliant Scimitar GT from 1965 - 1966

Due to a rather special find purchased in June 2020 from relatives of a former Reliant employee we now hold the manufacturing records for a small number of Scimitar GT vehicles.

The ledger contains details for the Reliant Scimitar GT from  August 1964 to December 1966 and for each vehicle holds the following information:

Chassis number
Engine number (or Type)
Axle number
Gearbox type
Date of manufacture
Date of dispatch (when it left Reliant)
Destination (Dealer)
Invoice number
First owner
Guarantee start date
Extras (Any details that made it different from standard)


Click to view sample certificate

Certificates are emailed as a PDF document within 48 hours of ordering.

So which cars are on the ledger?

Scimitar GT Chassis No 400001 (Aug 1964) - Chassis No 400020 (June 1965)

Unfortunately the ledger has one page missing and so for chassis no 3 to chassis no 20. only date of manufacture, gearbox type, invoice number, and for a hand full of cars, first owner and extras recorded.   (Note there are virtually no details for chassis 1 and 2). Please contact us if you have one of these vehicles letting us know your chassis number.

Scimitar GT Chassis No 400021 (June 1965) - Chassis No 400297 (October 1966)

For all these vehicles all fields are present as detailed above.  Some vehicles have full information with Extras although It is important to note that for a few vehicles on the ledger, the engine number, first owner and guarantee date have not been filled in and so on the certificate this would show as “Not recorded”

Certificates are 20 and will arrive as a PDF document that you can print off with 48 hours of ordering.

Scimitar GT Chassis No 400401 (October 1966) - Chassis No 400422 (December 1966)

These records appear to be for the SE4A but have not been as meticulously maintained and so it is important to note that only a handful or so have full details.  For many only basic details like chassis no, axle no, engine, and date of manufacture exist. 

As there is less info recorded for these vehicles, certificates are 11.50 and will arrive as a PDF document that you can print off with 48 hours of ordering.


  • Q: How will I receive my certificate?
    • A: You will receive a certificate in a PDF format with 48 hours delivered to the email address associated with the Paypal account for which payment was made.
  • Q: What if I have heard nothing with 48 hours?
    • A: Please contact us with your chassis number and we will resend the certificate.  Please also check to make sure it has not been sent to your Spam folder.
  • Q: Do you have details for Scimitar GT models from 1967 onwards
    • A: No sorry we only have details for the vehicles listed above, we do not have manufacturing details of any other Reliant vehicles.
  • Q: Why are some fields not completed on my Heritage Certificate.
    • A: As detailed in the section above, some vehicles do not have complete details. The ledger was filled out by hand and as such not every column was completed for each vehicle.  Where a column is blank on the ledger, this will be detailed as “Not recorded” on the certificate.
  • Q: Why is the price less for vehicles with chassis number 400401 - 400422?
    • A:  This is to reflect the fact that fewer details were recorded for these vehicles .
  • Q: Can I get a hand signed printed out certificate sent out to me?
    • A: This is an option still being looked in to. Should this become available, those who have already purchased a certificate in PDF format will be able to purchase one at a reduced cost.
  • Q: Can I request to have additional date added to the certificate?
    • A: Sorry no, only information provided in the ledger will be added to the certificate to maintain both its reliability and authenticity.

Heritage Certificate

Chassis: 400021 - 400297

June 1965 - October 1966


Heritage Certificate

Chassis: 400401 - 400422

Oct 1966 - Dec 1966


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