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Reliant Motor Club Archive

Whereas with some clubs their archives tend to be locked away, the aim of the Reliant Motor Club is put as much of its archives as possible on-line so that they can be viewed and not only become a source of information for Reliant owners and enthusiast but also for researchers and the media as well.  The Reliant Motor Club archive does not consist of a single archive, instead to maximize on its content it actually borrows and scans /photographs items from the archives of the clubs founding members, Elvis Payne and Mark Cropper.  These also absorb other collections from ex-Reliant workers and indeed Reliant founder E.S  Thompson and his son, Colin Fine-Thompson in which E.S. Thompson’s daughter (Pat Afford) has donated items.  This means the RMC have access to well over 1,500+ items that mainly consist of period photographs, drawings, brochures, press releases Reliant Review newspapers, road test, advertisements, price list, colour charts and handbooks to name just a few.

Reliant Documents Library
Reliant Owner’s Handbook catalog

Reliant Document Library

Reliant Owner’s Handbook catalog

Reliant Price List catalog




Reliant Brochure Catalog
Reliant Review Newspapers
RMC YouTube Channel

Reliant brochure catalog

Reliant Review newspapers

Reliant promotional films




Thompson Collection
Reliant's Royal Occassion
Reliant Archive Images

The Thompson collection

Reliant’s Royal Occassion

Reliant Archive Images

Unusual and rare items in archive



Unusual archive items



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