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Reliant Brochure Catalog - Brochures Wanted (Either scans of or whole brochures)

The aim of the catalog is to build up a database of every brochure that Reliant created from 1935 onwards. Well over 180 of these brochures come from Elvis Payne’s collection though this is still being built and so a great deal of brochures out there that are not included. Our ultimate aim is to build a complete on-line catalog where by members can view each brochure in full detail.

Can you help?

If you have a Reliant brochure that is not detailed within this catalog, please could you submit a scan of it using our on-line submission form.

What brochures are included:

  • All vehicle brochures designed by Reliant
    • For example:
      • Brochures for all three and four wheeled vehicles
      • Brochures for prototype vehicles
  • All company brochures designed by Reliant
    • For example:
      • Brochures detailing the history of Reliant or other subsidiaries like Reliant Mouldings
  • All Reliant models made under license
    • For example:
      • The Ant by BTB Engineering and the Robin BN1 by B&N Plastics
  • All Reliant related vehicles
    • For example:
      • Vehicles that use Reliant products as a base like the Asquith that uses a Reliant Fox chassis and running gear or the Quasar motorcyle that uses a Reliant engine
  • It is not just Reliant brochures, any Reliant information (photographs or information)  that you think may be interesting, we would love to see.

Reliant Brochures Wanted

Wanted Reliant Brochures
Upload your files

If you would like to submit scans of any brochures or Reliant related material not on this web site, please upload you files above.

If you have a brochure for sale that is not listed within this catalog or marked as not being in the collection please let us know. Dependent on the price we would be most interested.

Brochures Donations

If you have a brochure that is not listed within this catalog or marked as not being in the collection and you would like to donate it to the catalog that would be most appreciated.  We would be only too happy to cover any postage cost and would also detail your name next to the brochure in acknowledgment. (Unless requested to be anonymous) Please contact us.

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