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A Bond Bug appeared in the 118118 (Directory Enquiries) advert.  The adverts used to feature two chaps as runners but now they are 1970’s retro cops that drive a Bond Bug.  The first advert in this style was aired on 12th March 2004 - just before the UK launch of the 2004 Starsky and Hutch film.




In February 2009, BFBS launched a number of media bytes advertising their new channel BFBS3.  A couple of these media bytes featured Reliant 3-wheelers of which mine (Elvis Payne) was one of them (more info).  One of the media bytes can be seen on YouTube.




This advert is one of my personal favourites. In this 1991 Hamlet Cigar masterpiece set in a fair ground, a Reliant Robin was driven by the main character of the advert. After the character parked his Robin knocking over a chain of motorbikes, a group of Hells Angels type bikers picked up the Robin and placed in in the centre of a “dogems” arena as the Robin driver smoked his cigar. I received an email from Mike Hallowes who wrote: We supplied the car and all the motorcycles for this shoot which was carried out over 24 hours continuously at a real fairground in Crawley, West Sussex (UK)  in 1991. The car was later sold via auction to a collection but has since been resold. We do not know where the car is now. It still bore its battle scars from the dodgem sequence.  The reg. no. was KGO 324N.  The advert appeared later in a video entitled: “Hamlet - The Video” The story of Britain’s favourite Ads.


Holston Pils

In a 1990’s Holston Pils advertisement a Bond Bug was used to burst through a wooden shed.


Nivea Men UK

Nivea Reliant Rialto

On 12th February 2015 Liverpool Football Club announced NIVEA MEN UK as the club's official men's grooming partner. The partnership was launched with a television commercial that featured footballers, Jordan Henderson, Simon Mignolet and Raheem Sterling along with a a blue Reliant Rialto (Reg K157 JVF). The advert was first televised on Channel 4 on 13th February.


Phileas Fogg Crisps

An early 1990’s Phileas Fogg Crisp advert featured a Reliant Regal. The advert was filmed on Ranmore Common near Dorking. (UK).



We buy any car

In December 2011 the “we buy any car” adverts feature a 1997 P reg (P618 NON) Reliant Robin van suggesting in the advert that these are the cheapest of vehicles that they will give “from 50” for.  In reality a P reg Robin is probably worth more than some 4-wheeled vehicles of a similar age.


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