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Reliant Fox (UK 1982 - 1990)

Mebea motors of Greece had been building Reliant vehicles since the 60's . Using a Reliant Kitten Chassis Mebea Motors came up with a utility vehicle that Reliant developed for them. At the 1980 British Motor show the Fox was shown along with the FW11, to gauge public reaction, but it was not until the 1982 Motorshow at the NEC that the Fox would appear again as a Reliant Model with 12 inch wheels, "Marle" fabric interior ,with a specification sheet , listing options etc.

The Fox,was marketed as a multi purpose utility vehicle went on sale May 1983, and was available as a pickup, with or without cab infill, fabric hood and removable hard top. The original engine was the 40BHP 850 engine, however from 1984 the 37.5 HTE engine was fitted.

Whilst Reliant saw the potential for the Fox as a commercial vehicle, it also believed that it would fill a niche left by the likes of the mini moke, but sadly it didn't and after just over 600 vehicles sold the Fox was discontinued. Whilst the Fox officially was discontinued in 1990, unofficially it was written off in 1987, this was possibly due to not meeting emissions once the HTE engine was discontinued, 3 wheelers no longer requiring emissions testing


The Fox in its various forms.

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